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Get Connected

We believe our best shot at spiritual growth happens in the context of sharing our lives—when we study together in living rooms, have conversations over coffee, gather to enjoy common interests, or go out into the world to help those around us.

New here? Visitors are welcomed. Check-in at our welcome desk after service to learn about Jenkins Memorial, ask any questions and help us get to know you.  

Jenkins Memorial Church

 Where the Love of Jesus can be Received, Experienced and Shared  in a Community Guided by Grace

Ministries / Volunteer: 

UP: Serving on Sundays


IN: Serving the Family


OUT: Serving Others

Get connected 

Get connected with one of our small groups or Bible studies.  


We would love to get to know you, develop and share groups and resources  that are available.

Participant or sponsor of community events, such as our Harvest Festival, chocolate Easter egg sales (1,500+ chocolate eggs sold in 2023), Easter Egg park scramble, Strawberry Festival, Chili cook-off, all-you-can-eat soup and sandwich days, pancake breakfasts, musical activities, Vacation Bible School, [Your Idea Here], etc. 

We listen to "What is God saying to us?" to discern priorities, and then we ask, "What are we going to do about it?" to guide our resources.  Love is an action word, and our  circumstances are ever-changing. 


Call the church office at 

(410) 437-2846 or email:

Pastor/Discipleship Steve DeLisle


Secretary Sherry Kruger

Sunday School Bob Kruger 

Worship/Music Cristina Prince

Men's Groups Ken Kretzinger

Women's Groups Ladies Aid - Ginger Lusby

                                Women's Wokout  - Dawn Lupo

                                Studio 133  - Tina DeLisle (art/craft)
Bible Study Pastor Steve 10:30am Wed Sept-May

2022 Survey says? 

2022 JMC Survey Results

Approximately 10% of the congregation submitted surveys over a two weeks in fall 2022. The majority of responders have attended JMC for 15+ years.  The top responses to the three questions to get a pulse on JMC are: 

Question 1: Why did you choose JMC as your home church?
Most important: Spiritual Family, followed by Biblical Preaching, then Inspiration & Encouragement 

Question 2: What are the top "values" that inspire you to recommend JMC to others?
Most important: Biblical Preaching, followed by Spiritual Family, then Inspiration & Encouragement

Question 3: Where would you recommend JMC invest resources, time and talent?
Most important: Community Service Opportunities, followed by Children's & Youth Programs, and Groups (Small Groups and Bible Studies)

We are listening! Members who did not submit a survey and want to provide feedback can use the "Contact Us" button at the bottom of this page.  Stay tuned for more insights from our Share Team regarding places you can serve will be coming soon! 

Blessings, and thank you!