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Here are some stories from JMC. 

Strawberry Festival Saturday

June 8, 2024


Go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you...”

— Matthew 28:19-20 

Christmas Candlelight Service

JMC provided Christmas Sponsorhip for 66 families in 2023
And delivered many more holiday meals and pantry staples in our community of Pasadena, Maryland. 

Bible Study with Pastor Steve

Sept-May, Wednesday 10:30am

Family Night

All are welcome. Five Fold Ministries - see how you are gifted to serve! Dinner @ 6pm, with classes for children, youth and adults. Come and be fed, worship, learning, discussion, and fun.  This session is about how to be better listeners, and live with intention. 

Sept - May 

New Members Reception

Baptismal Sunday 

Christmas Candlelight Service

Studio 133 

Pop-up art and craft events.

Mural Mosaic (a Global Roots project) community paint-a-tile to make your community beautiful night.  Future sessions can be offered if your small group is interested. 

Studio 133 

Pop-up art and craft events.

Paint a Maryland Crab! Details/time TBD. 

This 8-week session is about the life of Christ, based on the TV series “The Chosen.” “The Chosen” portrays Jesus through the eyes of those who met him. The study session will include: an opening prayer, a brief introduction to the episode, scripture reading, discussion/reflection and a closing prayer. Please make sure you bring your Bible, a pen and some paper to write.  Get connected!  

August 2022

Aug 1 to Aug 5, 2022: JMC VBS Created in Christ, Designed for God's Purpose (Spark Studios curriculum for K-6 grade)

JMC VBS 2022 (2).mp4

VBS 2020 Aug 1-3, 2022

July 2022

July 31, 2022: Rev. Bob Douglas at JMC

July 21, 2022: JMC fills a table+ at Foundation fundraiser UM BWMC Crab Feast

July 16, 2022: JMC fun at the Annapolis Irish Festival

June 28 - July 2, 2022: JMC Crossfire "Spiritual Journey" Creation Festival, Shirleysburg, PA

Rev. Bob Douglas at JMC Sunday July 31, 2022

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